I’ve been knitting!

So I haven’t caught you up on the knitting for a while, so here goes!

I finally finished the scarf I was making for Himself’s birthday. Turned out rather well I thought! More importantly, He likes it!


I’ve been working out a new pattern for some brooches to sell. I found some beautiful vintage crystal buttons for the centres! And the mohair yarn is incredibly soft! They’re like flowers made from clouds!


I have been forced to stop work on the Evenstar Shawl as I’ve run out of yarn. I have more on the way. It’s just still on its way with all our other stuff.

Of course, working without all my usual tools handy does have a few drawbacks! I’m really missing my swift and ball winder! But we made do. It just took a little longer than usual.


You can’t stop me from knitting! Especially not when I get my hands on my favourite Lorna’s Laces, Helen’s Lace yarn, in the most warm creamy delicious chocolate colour! So smooth! So soft!


It doesn’t look like much yet … Of course as beautiful as that piece is going to be when it’s done, it’s getting a touch big to take to Knit Night. So I’ve begun some socks in a gorgeous yarn sent to me along with a jar of vegemite from the UK! Thank you Clare! It’s just the most beautiful liquid buttery colour!


I’m doing them in a falling leaves pattern in anticipation of my first real Autumn which is on it’s way! Living in a mostly evergreen country up until recently has had it’s downsides. I can’t wait to see all the leaves change colour!

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