Christchurch – Part 3

Next we wanted to see friends. Facebook is one thing, but it’s so much better to actually see the people you care about and sit with them around a table having a pink cider and gossiping about all of life’s little intricacies! So we found a likely looking venue …

 photo IMG_9805_zps8fe49ce0.jpg

… and commenced with the pink cider drinking. Mmm … berries … All was right with the world. Would you like to know more?


Sometimes you just need to stop what you’re doing and go to the museum. Well, you may not. But I do.

 photo IMG_9482_zpse11eedfe.jpg

I was determined to go and see the Rijksmuseum library which I keep seeing references to online. So I pulled myself together, put my coat on, and headed out into the wilds of the day! Would you like to know more?

Het Scheepvaartmuseum – Part 2

After running around all over the Amsterdam for a while, we headed back inside to check out the rest of the museum, and as has become a running gag with us, we got to the museum with just enough time to see a couple of parts and then get kicked out at closing time! Given our minimal amount of time in which we had to achieve everything, we made the executive decision to head to the maritime art first, in the South Wing.

 photo IMG_9308_zpsf18e491d.jpg

The examples of art on display all come across as quite intense! Would you like to know more?

Schoenberg & Kandinsky

The Jewish Museum is currently hosting a Wassily Kandinsky exhibit! At a friend’s invitation we headed off to enrich our lives!

 photo IMG_8504_zps6773fbcd.jpg

I really like Kandinsky’s work. The colour, movement, and flow all speak to me. Would you like to know more?

Kazimir Malevich at the Stedelijk

I have a friend who is a Soviet-ologist (yes, really), and this year is Netherlands-Russia year! Celebrating 400 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries. (This may or may not be going well at the moment.)

As part of these festivities, I have been to a film festival and seen Oktyabr (1928) with amazing accompaniment by organist Joost Langeveld. Two and a half hours of intense Russian documentary about the rise of communism. But this weekend, Himself was able to join us and we headed out to the opening day of the Kazimir Malevich Exhibition on at the Stedelijk Museum.

 photo IMG_7485_zps8917be8c.jpg

This was the largest exhibition in twenty years to be devoted to Malevich and his work. Would you like to know more?