Het Scheepvaartmuseum – Part 2

After running around all over the Amsterdam for a while, we headed back inside to check out the rest of the museum, and as has become a running gag with us, we got to the museum with just enough time to see a couple of parts and then get kicked out at closing time! Given our minimal amount of time in which we had to achieve everything, we made the executive decision to head to the maritime art first, in the South Wing.

 photo IMG_9308_zpsf18e491d.jpg

The examples of art on display all come across as quite intense! Would you like to know more?

Het Scheepvaartmuseum

There are so many beautiful and well thought out museums in Amsterdam, and I’m continually taken aback by the diversity and depth of knowledge available to everyone. In our most recent weekend exploration we headed out to the Scheepvaartmuseum! In English, this is the Maritime Museum. Given the breadth and depth of the Dutch maritime history, we knew this was going to be an amazing experience!

 photo IMG_9193_zps27b1b142.jpg

The museum is housed in the old Arsenal building that has been repurposed and refurbished in a complete metamorphosis! Would you like to know more?