Het Scheepvaartmuseum – Part 2

After running around all over the Amsterdam for a while, we headed back inside to check out the rest of the museum, and as has become a running gag with us, we got to the museum with just enough time to see a couple of parts and then get kicked out at closing time! Given our minimal amount of time in which we had to achieve everything, we made the executive decision to head to the maritime art first, in the South Wing.

 photo IMG_9308_zpsf18e491d.jpg

The examples of art on display all come across as quite intense!

 photo IMG_9302_zps1d38ad04.jpg

There are lots of documentation of battles and exploration. The sea monster represents unknown waters.

 photo IMG_9284_zps1cb8fd40.jpg

The depiction of light playing in the waves and water was just masterful.

 photo IMG_9289_zps2cb2b11a.jpg

The ink paintings were just awe inspiring. Truly awesome. The dedication to minute detail was quite mind blowing.

 photo IMG_9294_zps0034c4a6.jpg

There were so many small details in so many of the paintings that it does get a little inundating after a while.

 photo IMG_9282_zps37c2ffdc.jpg

Of course there were newer pieces too, which were not lacking in impact either!

 photo IMG_9323_zpsd5c2e4f0.jpg

We were most of the way through the paintings when the loudspeaker announced that the museum would be closing in 15 minutes and we needed to find our way to the nearest exit, so of course we made our way as directed, but possibly not in the most direct route… We may have gone through the navigational equipment room …

 photo IMG_9329_zps1e87ac04.jpg

Check out this gorgeous compass!

 photo IMG_9330_zps8b4caf86.jpg

Then we may possibly have wandered into the ships ornamentation display on our way to the exit too!

 photo IMG_9331_zps0d07475f.jpg

So that’s what we’ve seen so far. I haven’t yet found the Dirk Hartog plate which is high on my “to-do” list, so obviously, we’ll just have to go back! (How often have I said that now?)

2 thoughts on “Het Scheepvaartmuseum – Part 2

  1. Might be a bit of a museum geek, but I like the layout of the displays. I’m not sure how well it would work in-person, but it looks great.

    Especially with the Amsterdam to explore, it looks like a museum that could take quite a bit of time to experience fully. Thank you for the second post and will look forward to your findings on some future return visit! 🙂

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