Museumplein Markt

Once Sinterklaas has visited the Nederlands the Christmas trees and decorations come out with a vengeance!

 photo IMG_8003_zps72d3c778.jpg

So do the Christmas markets. We put ourselves out there this weekend and headed off to the market in Amsterdam’s Museum Square. Would you like to know more?

Turn on the Lights 2013

On Thursday last week one of the big events of the Festive Season kicked off. Yes, it was Turn on the Lights, which those of you with long memories will remember, we first went to last year. I headed into town early and dragged Himself away from his desk in order to get a good spot to see everything!

 photo IMG_7799_zps22656613.jpg

We got there with plenty of time and then debated with friends where would be the best spot to stand. You know you’ve been here a while when you randomly run into people you know when the city at large is converging on Dam Square! Which, we did! Would you like to know more?

Giftmas is Coming!

It’s November! It must be that time again! Time for me to show you what I’ve been finding in stores since September! (Yes, really.)

 photo IMG_6440_zpsfcd5ce3a.jpg

Honestly? I’ve found a lot of the stores to be a little lacklustre this year. It’s been a little disappointing. But I’ve pulled out the best for you! (Psst! The best was from Fortnum & Mason.) Would you like to know more?

Roast Duck

For those of you with long memories you might remember that Giftmas Day cooking last year was a new and unequivocal low point in my kitchen efforts. But not to be dissuaded, when I found a frozen duck the other day at the markets, I was all over it!

 photo IMG_4982_zpsf428194d.jpg

Pulling out the same recipe, I was determined to attempt this again, and be successful! Would you like to know more?