We’ve been to New Zealand!

For those of you that are unaware, there is a sameness to airports. A scrubbed down, antiseptic, characterless sameness. It’s difficult for me to remember if we were in Amsterdam, Dubai …

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… Hong Kong, Sydney … Would you like to know more?

A week went by …

I’m sorry! I appear to have forgotten to post for a week! In amongst all the holidays it’s been a busy one and we’ve achieved a lot! We’ve had a long weekend, and the Easter Bunny found us.

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At least that’s how I’m deciding to explain all the chocolate that showed up on the dining room table anyway. Would you like to know more?

Final Days

There are certain things which people see as quintessentially Amsterdam. Of course, when you’re being tour guide, you tend to take people to the things that call to them the loudest. In the case of N, his Mecca was and is, the Heineken Brewery.

 photo IMG_1651_zps2db46a8b.jpg

From what I understand the brewery is no longer in this space, but the building is preserved now in the form of the “Heineken Experience”. Himself and I left them to this one while we went off to sit in a café and have cake!

Would you like to know more?

Seeing the Sights

There is so much to see and do in Amsterdam that sometimes it’s a little difficult to narrow down all the possibilities into the things that in my opinion, are a good combination of “Dutch” and “Tourist”.

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One of the things which I would take everyone to, given the chance, is Zaanse Schaans. I know I have spoken about it before on this blog, and likely I’ll speak about it again, because I always have a good time out there, and I like to share my happy places with the people I love. With that, here we are! Would you like to know more?


I’m in the middle of this project, and I was running out of one of the yarns I needed to finish the project. So, at the beginning of an exciting week, I headed out on the train for a day trip to Enkhuizen.

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Enkhuizen is a beautiful and picturesque little town about an hour out of Amsterdam by train. Would you like to know more?