We’ve been to New Zealand!

For those of you that are unaware, there is a sameness to airports. A scrubbed down, antiseptic, characterless sameness. It’s difficult for me to remember if we were in Amsterdam, Dubai …

 photo IMG_9403_zpse1jctttv.jpg

… Hong Kong, Sydney …

 photo IMG_9419_zpswqft3owx.jpg

… or Christchurch. Now, I have to confess that when you’re as sleep deprived as thirty hours of flight is going to do to you, that sameness in a little bit comforting. There isn’t a risk of culture shock! Though it was a little disappointing to leave Amsterdam when it was 12C and raining and arrive in Christchurch where it was 12C and raining.

 photo IMG_3704_zpswxm1niee.jpg

We managed a day’s respite in which we, gratefully, were able to catch up with some friends and family. It was a relief that people were able to make time for us so close to the Christmas insanity! The next day we were on the road and continuing our journey. First stop was a favourite coffee shop!

 photo IMG_0025_zpssfd68bhd.jpg

Where not only did they only sell coffee and regular café items, unlike at home, but we were able to buy supplies to bring home with us! So into the suitcase went a kilo of beautiful beans!

 photo IMG_0032_zpsyqd8zfde.jpg

The landscape, scenery, sunlight, and roads were just what Himself and I had been needing to recharge our internal batteries.

 photo IMG_0045_zpsvtkktdx8.jpg
 photo IMG_0049_zpsddsyjc64.jpg
 photo IMG_0054_zpsparb3hxk.jpg

We chose to head up the country via the coast road and were rewarded with clear surf, rolling hills and rocks covered in seals!

 photo IMG_0073_zps4j3q8ej2.jpg

We stopped for lunch and took the time to walk across the beach in front of us (which was just rocks), and I dipped my fingers in to check the temperature of the water. It wasn’t warm (Hello, New Zealand!) as it was too early in the season. But it was hard to be resentful when the day was so beautiful.

 photo IMG_0085_zps3fthrjwf.jpg

From there we turned inland and were witness to some of the most quintessential homeland humour to be found. (New Zealand and Australia being close enough that all the same jokes are present.)

 photo IMG_0106_zpsnv125apk.jpg

Our journey was nearly over though, and for those of you that were following along on Twitter or Facebook will know, we spent the next week in paradise. Just wait until the next blog post when I show you!

2 thoughts on “We’ve been to New Zealand!

  1. I’ve seen local versions of that sign in the States, too. 🙂 Some humour transfers well.

    The coast looks lovely!! So tempting to stay there a bit longer. Looking forward to seeing where you headed next 🙂

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