Leiden – Part 2

So we were in Leiden, the photographic walking tour ended up being a bit of a bust, but it was a Saturday, and therefore it was Market Day.

 photo IMG_4875_zps015efe08.jpg

Netherlands markets are just amazing and wonderful! There is so much to see, hear, smell, and touch, they inspire all your senses.

 photo IMG_4892_zpsc9537b90.jpg

Being that we weren’t in the same town as home, we opted to not purchase the fresh fruit and vegetables. Nor did we indulge in the amazing fresh fish, though I suddenly had all sorts of wonderful plans for dinner that evening!

 photo IMG_4924_zps61b47846.jpg

The fungi stall though. Oh my goodness, the fungi stall. I think my only restraint here was the fact that Himself doesn’t eat mushrooms. (More for me!)

 photo IMG_4881_zps3afef4cb.jpg

Though I may have splurged in something that would survive the trip home, and was a little off to one side of this stall …

 photo IMG_4882_zpsce13db48.jpg

Yes. I bought a whole string. Yes, the house now smells like smoked garlic. You got a problem with that?

The cheese stall wasn’t to be walked past either. Even though all of the Netherlands is known for its cheese, Leiden is known for its cumin cheese!

 photo IMG_4884_zps050f6f1d.jpg

I found it to be a turning point in my life when I saw the drop and chocolate stall, my inner child went “YAY!!!”, then the rest of me kicked in and wondered “Now what?”

 photo IMG_4888_zps3b905cfc.jpg

No purchases made there then.

As always, when the weather is fine, there are cafés on the edges of canals to sit in, and wine to be imbibed in. I discovered a new French wine which is quite to my fancy! I think Himself went Spanish. We’re expanding our horizons!

 photo IMG_4913_zpsb42b687f.jpg

So all in all, it was a really pleasant (if expensive) day!

 photo IMG_4970_zps6fdb55ab.jpg

What with the cheeses, the garlic, the new tea flavours, the new risotto rice, the truffle salt, the spices, the herbs …

6 thoughts on “Leiden – Part 2

  1. One thing I don’t tire off is the Saturday markets, though some days the crush of people is a bit too much. How did this one compare in size and selection to the ones closer to home for you?

    Will be very curious to hear about the cooking adventures using your garlic — I’ve never seen smoked garlic here, so have not tried it myself, but will be interested to know how it affects the flavour in comparison with the unsmoked garlic.

    Looks like you brought home quite a haul! Yay!

    1. Amsterdam is covered in markets! Depends on what you’re after, and what day it is, which one you go to. They all tend to be “sprawling”.

      The very first thing we made was a smoked garlic, smoked duck, paella! With the real (and not overly expensive) saffron which we had also dragged home with us, instead of turmeric which we usually substitute in.

      It was to DIE FOR!!! Himself out did … himself. 😀

      Tonight I’m going to put some in the truffle risotto I brought home and see how that goes! Excitement all ’round!

  2. Num! Garlic-duck paella sounds incredible and the truffle risotto delicious. Excite and happy tastebuds all around indeed!

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