In our continuing effort to get to know people, and to further explore our new country, Himself signed us up for a photographic walking tour of Leiden.

 photo IMG_0014_zpsa6f24cb1.jpg

To say that I was reticent and sceptical is being far too generous, but I did want to explore. So a bright sunny (grey, rainy) Saturday we packed ourselves off to the train station, and were on our way!

 photo IMG_0026_zpse475e74b.jpg

Thankfully by the time we made it all the way out there (a strenuous twenty minutes on a sprinter train, I can tell you!) the rain had disappeared, and I carried my umbrella with me for the rest of the day unused.

 photo IMG_4850_zpsd40f36cd.jpg

In fact, by the time the sun came out, the hat I’d been wearing to keep the rain out of my face was doing double duty keeping the sun out of my eyes! Organisational success!

 photo IMG_4857_zpseed71984.jpg

Leiden is a city and municipality in South Holland, as opposed to North Holland where Amsterdam resides.

 photo IMG_4895_zps48f102d9.jpg

Being with a photography walk is worse than being with a tour group for having your pictures photobombed, and having people get in the way of the photo you wish to take. Himself had more patience for it than I, so I split off from the group telling him to enjoy himself and I’d catch up with him later.

 photo IMG_4903_zpsf7708607.jpg

Himself burst into laughter at one point, swearing that the clock bells were chiming the opening bars to the Blake’s Seven theme song.

 photo IMG_4935_zps701fb4a0.jpg

For a city in the Netherlands, I guess we’ve been spoiled by the things we have already seen.

 photo IMG_0035_zps348a41fe.jpg

Leiden didn’t strike us as nearly so photogenic as Utrecht had been, and I hate to say it, but without a local around to extol its virtues, or a massive exhibition that I’m unwilling to miss, I’m unlikely to return in a hurry.

 photo IMG_4952_zps92bad462.jpg

They don’t appear to have managed the fine balance between old and new that Amsterdam has either. The number of really (to my eyes) bland, or even ugly buildings seemed to be a really high proportion. Obviously, I didn’t take photos of these buildings!

 photo IMG_4960_zps420627f8.jpg

But we can say that we have seen Leiden, and have experienced more of this beautiful country we call home!

There is just one more post to come about Leiden, because, we did find something there to catch our interests!

2 thoughts on “Leiden

  1. Oh you went to Leiden! =D
    Sounds like you needed a better tourguide to explain all the history and architecture… But I agree, Utrecht is much prettier =)

    1. That _is_ where you went recently! I remember this now! I wish I had thought sooner to go back to your post and see where you went! You’re right, a better guide would have helped. Oh well. I can assure you that we had a much better time in the second part of this trip, to be posted later this week! 😀

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