Leiden – Part 2

So we were in Leiden, the photographic walking tour ended up being a bit of a bust, but it was a Saturday, and therefore it was Market Day.

 photo IMG_4875_zps015efe08.jpg

Netherlands markets are just amazing and wonderful! There is so much to see, hear, smell, and touch, they inspire all your senses. Would you like to know more?


In our continuing effort to get to know people, and to further explore our new country, Himself signed us up for a photographic walking tour of Leiden.

 photo IMG_0014_zpsa6f24cb1.jpg

To say that I was reticent and sceptical is being far too generous, but I did want to explore. So a bright sunny (grey, rainy) Saturday we packed ourselves off to the train station, and were on our way! Would you like to know more?