Today’s Table – Scarf and Socks

As I mentioned the other day, my main project at the moment is a thick winter scarf for Himself.

 photo IMG_4826_zpsf657e37c.jpg

I’m making it out of yarn I had in my stash from Morris & Sons. It’s a 10ply wool, silk, and cashmere mix, so it is deliciously thick and warm. In this 2×2 rib, I’m hoping it will do a good job of keeping out the cold. As a bonus, I also have enough to make him a matching hat and mittens!

My other project at the moment has stagnated a little bit.

I bought this yarn ages ago from a small indy dyer in New Zealand who has since closed down. The colours were so flamboyant and eye catching that I just couldn’t say no. But it’s tricky yarn to get to look good once it’s knitted up.

 photo IMG_4830_zps4fc7fd32.jpg

So I’ve begun the toes, and am now flipping through patterns trying to find just the right one so that my eyes don’t bleed out from flashing in the colours. Just when I think I’ve found a pattern I can live with, I pick up the nice plain grey scarf again to work on it. So obviously I haven’t found the right pattern yet.

I’ll let you know how I go though!

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