The Quiet Time

Lots of things have been going on, but not much to write home about. We are grateful to have amazing and generous family who have been kind enough to purchase us some new outdoor furniture for our balcony.

 photo IMG_1283_zps89f441f5.jpg

Which we have put to good use while the weather is so wonderful by having breakfast for hours in comfort.

 photo IMG_1284_zps026bf858.jpg

With the purchase of a new macro camera lens, and new lavender plants hanging off the balcony, (which provide us with a parade of bees); we now have a whole host of photographs that look similar (give or take some varying degrees of focus) to this one.

 photo _MG_6162_zps529ca9c2.jpg

We have been out and about, keeping active along with the rest of Amsterdam, in Vondel Park.

 photo IMAG0492_zps4d5a1ddc.jpg

I have been knitting up a storm, and have finished my first ever beaded project.

 photo IMG_4820_zps5d7847e0.jpg

I’m looking forward to having somewhere a bit special to wear it!

 photo IMG_4825_zps3a528467.jpg

I have also (in the death throes of August) decided that I should plan for the future and provide Himself with a thick and warm scarf to make up for the one of his which I may have absconded with last year.

 photo IMG_4816_zpsefa5e36a.jpg

In true “Us” fashion, while knitting on Saturday night, we were imbibing in a new cocktail. Elderflower and Champagne. Delicious!

Looking forward to a wonderful week ahead!

6 thoughts on “The Quiet Time

    1. That’s his favourite espresso cup! It’s not going anywhere!

      Neither of us are into waffles. The krentebollen (currant rolls) are really “Dutch”, so if we were to swap them for anything (and come Winter we might) it should be for something like porfetjes or pannenoken (pancakes).

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