A weekend in Paris

One of the many wonderful things about Europe is how close everything is together. Relatively. Compared to Australia! When we randomly discovered that there was a gig on over Easter that we wanted to see down in Paris, we booked it, and jumped on a train! Four hours later, we were unpacking in our hotel.

 photo IMG_1494_zpsdiqsenow.jpg

Given that this was my second time in Paris, we decided that our best course of action was to see things that I hadn’t seen the first time around, but also that were open for the long weekend. This left us many options of things to see, while still giving us some focus of what we could to get in to. Would you like to know more?

Disneyland Adventure – Part 2

Disney really is one of the most magical places on earth. I say this and I’ve only ever been to the European one! It touched that place of whimsy and magic that really makes me want to believe that there are fairies and Lost Boys.

 photo IMG_8704_zpszhsefwue.jpg

There is so much to see, and so much attention to detail in almost every corner. In all honesty though, I can see where the European Disneyland gets the reputation for looking a bit tired and run down. Would you like to know more?

NEWSFLASH – I’m a big kid at heart!

Himself is just one of the best things that has ever happened to me. This year for my birthday he asked me what I’d like, and then he made one of my dreams come true!

 photo IMG_8552_zpsyyb5bb6x.jpg

As someone from the arse end of the world, an entire amusement park consisting of princesses and some of my favourite films seem like nothing more than a dream land. Would you like to know more?

Paris Part 3, Sunday

Another cold and blustery beginning had us contemplating our options over breakfast. Not hard to do when you consider where we were and just how many options we had at our doorstep!


So we wandered, but with purpose! Through the Cimetière de Montmartre


… around all the little alleys and cobbled streets which I love so much. It took me a while to realised one of the things I loved about them was the fact that they were on a slope! (Holland really is that flat)


This building was particularly spectacular!


Then it was up the Montmarte Funiculaire


… and on to the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur! Yes I was at a Church, on a Sunday, and the ground did not swallow me down into the fiery pits of Hell! Though, I didn’t tempt fate by going inside!


The Gargoyles looked just as menacing as they needed too. (Can I take one home with me?)


For those of you that are familiar with it, Montmartre is also where they filmed the movie Amelie. A scene was filmed up here! I have seen the telescope, I have walked the steps, I have seen the human statues! Check out this view of Paris!


Though I only went down the steps, not up them …


… both Himself and I did BOTH ride the two storey carousel! (My horse was the fastest! Inside track will do that for you *winks*)


To sum up, it was a wonderful weekend! It was harder than I would have thought though to switch from Dutch pleasantries to French ones! It has me completely determined though to learn more languages! I think it is the height of rudeness for me to rely on the fact that so far everyone in Continental Europe speaks English. After all, it’s usually their second or third language! Dutch first though! And thank goodness that Himself speaks French!