Disneyland Adventure – Part 2

Disney really is one of the most magical places on earth. I say this and I’ve only ever been to the European one! It touched that place of whimsy and magic that really makes me want to believe that there are fairies and Lost Boys.

 photo IMG_8704_zpszhsefwue.jpg

There is so much to see, and so much attention to detail in almost every corner. In all honesty though, I can see where the European Disneyland gets the reputation for looking a bit tired and run down. Would you like to know more?

NEWSFLASH – I’m a big kid at heart!

Himself is just one of the best things that has ever happened to me. This year for my birthday he asked me what I’d like, and then he made one of my dreams come true!

 photo IMG_8552_zpsyyb5bb6x.jpg

As someone from the arse end of the world, an entire amusement park consisting of princesses and some of my favourite films seem like nothing more than a dream land. Would you like to know more?