NEWSFLASH – I’m a big kid at heart!

Himself is just one of the best things that has ever happened to me. This year for my birthday he asked me what I’d like, and then he made one of my dreams come true!

 photo IMG_8552_zpsyyb5bb6x.jpg

As someone from the arse end of the world, an entire amusement park consisting of princesses and some of my favourite films seem like nothing more than a dream land.

 photo IMG_8566_zps9vocziy6.jpg

It had actually taken me quite some time to remember that this small slice of heaven was indeed so close. But here I was! Just outside of Paris, and walking around inside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle!

 photo IMG_8577_zpssavqaqd8.jpg

Since moving to Amsterdam there have been so many places and things to see and do that I’m not ashamed to say that Disney wasn’t the highest priority on my list.

 photo IMG_8592_zpsxsgpdewr.jpg

However, at the point when Himself asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I had just looked up when the next Dapper Day was on.

 photo IMG_8607_zpstukzknkw.jpg

I knew this was something I would really like to do, combining my first trip to Disney with dressing up and looking amazing! I suddenly had a lot of planning to do!

 photo IMG_8620_zps8ykderot.jpg

We spent a three day weekend at Disneyland, and were in one of the hotels on the premises. I had comfortable walking shoes, felt tipped pens, and my autograph book at the ready!

 photo IMG_8634_zpsbst7usgg.jpg

My very first character experience was probably my favourite. My beautiful, wonderful, dismal Eeyore. He had just been left in the dust for Tigger by the little kid in front of me in the line (rude!), but I made up for it, and gave him extra hugs while Tigger autographed my book.

 photo IMG_8646_zpsel6qirfn.jpg

I must admit that the number of characters around the parks that you could line up to see was really impressive! And the adult in me is astounded and impressed that I never heard a single sound from anyone in a “head”.

 photo IMG_8652_zpszayqhrqa.jpg

Himself was a wonderful and patient and fabulous human and waited with me and didn’t hold it against me when I wanted to meet the characters who had meant so much to me for so many years!

 photo IMG_8694_zpscvq5f5cj.jpg

Then again, it was balanced out quite neatly with just how long we waited in some of the queues for the rides! There was only one that we regretted waiting for. But in three days, we figured our odds were pretty darn high!

Stay tuned for the next post for the rest of our Disney Adventure!

7 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH – I’m a big kid at heart!

  1. Yay!!! It’s true that, for all it’s not far away, Disney is still easy to overlook when there are so many other places to visit and sights to see. I’m so glad you were able to go. 😀

    Did you get Stitch’s autograph?

  2. I guess I was spoiled growing up in Orlando with Disney World nearby. We didn’t go to the main park that often, but often enough. A coworker and I also took an extra day while we were in California for business to visit Disneyland. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    1. It was so much fun!!!

      We had other things where I was the big two were Australia’s Wonderland, and Luna Park. Next state up there was/are 3 major theme parks, but I didn’t make it to those until 2011 either 🙂 (A state in Australia is still 18 hours driving) Disney is just so … omnipresent. You know?

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