Turn on the Lights 2015

The shopping season in the Netherlands has officially begun with the major department store, de Bijenkorf, turning on its Christmas lights display for the year.

 photo IMG_9096_zpshxf3xz0w.jpg

For the last eight years they have put on a theatrical display along with fireworks and make a huge event out of it.

 photo IMG_9101_zpsrczpojgj.jpg

The show goes for about an hour, but to get a good visual position you need to stand in Dam Square for at least 45 minutes beforehand.

 photo IMG_9111_zpsy9zk426c.jpg

This year wasn’t as cold as last year. At 10C it was still in double digits. However, unlike last year, this year we had to contend with the rain.

 photo IMG_9123_zpsnifousay.jpg

I love the spectacle of the performances. These acts that they bring in from all over Europe each year have the entirety of Dam Square to perform in, and they use all of it!

 photo IMG_9132_zpsz31zut3w.jpg

Weaving their way in, out, around, and though the crowds makes it a really immersive experience, and as an audience member, it keeps you on your toes!

 photo IMG_9134_zpsti0ihg3x.jpg

This year’s performance seemed to be the struggle between good and evil, while climbing and bouncing and swinging from a giant orb structure.

 photo IMG_9143_zpsexpzvb8z.jpg

There was a witch, there were suits, there were candy ravers, there were soldiers, there was a man in stripes and goggles, and for the finale there was a singer on a crane above us all! (That poor, cold, wet, brave girl.)

 photo IMG_9179_zps8trumqgp.jpg

As always the highlight of these events is the fireworks display at the end of it all. I love a good fireworks display!

 photo IMG_9198_zpsnr5v6drr.jpg

An added moment of surreal came with this years festivities when the compere (a new addition to the proceedings this year) was asking people why they come to the event, and if they’ve been before. De Bijenkorf have finally decided to fill the time in while waiting for the show to begin.

 photo IMG_9205_zpsskrkozkt.jpg

Well, she stopped and spoke with us didn’t she! That’s right! Yours Truly and Himself were broadcast up on the big screen across all of Dam Square for all to see, speaking our dodgy and hesitant Nederlands!

 photo IMG_9215_zps9qogwnd4.jpg

It was one of the more bizarre moments of my life, and I was giggling about how stilted and tongue tied we both were in front of the cameras for an hour afterwards!

 photo IMG_9228_zpsfblntyii.jpg

We skipped actually heading into the stores and their extended shopping hours this year, as most of our Christmas shopping is already done. But we did indulge in our yearly tradition of walking down Leidsestraat to Leidseplein and watching the ice skaters on the rink while we drank gluhwein and ate bitterballen.

Official YouTube

Welcome to the Festive Countdown One and All!!!

4 thoughts on “Turn on the Lights 2015

  1. Glad you braved the rain to see it all! It’s hard not to feel tongue-tied in a still-foreign language, when someone puts a microphone in your face 🙂 I’m sure you both sounded more confident and fluent than you credit 🙂

    Sounds like another fun show and the conclusion to the evening sounds much more fun than battling the throngs in the shops 🙂

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