Paris Part 3, Sunday

Another cold and blustery beginning had us contemplating our options over breakfast. Not hard to do when you consider where we were and just how many options we had at our doorstep!


So we wandered, but with purpose! Through the Cimetière de Montmartre


… around all the little alleys and cobbled streets which I love so much. It took me a while to realised one of the things I loved about them was the fact that they were on a slope! (Holland really is that flat)


This building was particularly spectacular!


Then it was up the Montmarte Funiculaire


… and on to the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur! Yes I was at a Church, on a Sunday, and the ground did not swallow me down into the fiery pits of Hell! Though, I didn’t tempt fate by going inside!


The Gargoyles looked just as menacing as they needed too. (Can I take one home with me?)


For those of you that are familiar with it, Montmartre is also where they filmed the movie Amelie. A scene was filmed up here! I have seen the telescope, I have walked the steps, I have seen the human statues! Check out this view of Paris!


Though I only went down the steps, not up them …


… both Himself and I did BOTH ride the two storey carousel! (My horse was the fastest! Inside track will do that for you *winks*)


To sum up, it was a wonderful weekend! It was harder than I would have thought though to switch from Dutch pleasantries to French ones! It has me completely determined though to learn more languages! I think it is the height of rudeness for me to rely on the fact that so far everyone in Continental Europe speaks English. After all, it’s usually their second or third language! Dutch first though! And thank goodness that Himself speaks French!

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