Paris Part 2, Saturday

We disembarked from the Metro at the Place de la Concorde, stopping briefly to get rained on and take pictures of a dramatic sky over the Tour Eiffel.


Then it was a leisurely stroll through the Jardin Des Tuileries where we stopped for coffee and to spend time with the ducks absorbing the atmosphere.


We happened across a free photography exhibit going on in the gardens that was a single photographer who had taken over 2 million photographs out of his single window in Korea. It was in incredible display that highlighted for us what a difference decent equipment and printing/framing can make to the end product of your photography.

It was then on to the Musée du Louvre! This was such a big thing for me! I can’t even describe to you how excited I was. Of course the thousands of other patrons that day felt similar I’m sure…


The queue management was exceptional, and though the line was long, we didn’t wait long to go through the metal detectors, and we were under the giant glass pyramid!


With limited time we headed for medieval Louvre and the Egyptian artefacts. There is so much to see that we just had to make a decision and this wing won the coin toss for this visit. Next visit I’ll see paintings. But you can’t really complain when there’s this.


This just reminds me that I need to work on my hand writing!


Walking through crowds and photographing everything we saw was taking up time though, and we had tickets that night which required a sprucing up and a change of outfit! We had tickets to dinner and a show!

Dinner was at La Fermette Beuf. And my picture of their décor simply doesn’t do the place justice! Click on the link!


It was incredible, and the food delicious! I suddenly want a house decorated all in Art Nouveau! Oh no, wait … I’ve always wanted that …

But we had a show to get to, and time was running out! And we discovered the hard way that seating is not reserved and we would have done well to get there earlier, and will the next time we go.

But as a birthday present to Himself, we went to the Crazy Horse! (SFW Wiki link)


It was an awesome show! Some skits were better than others, some held our attention better, but all in all the show was well worth the trip!

And of course, the tower is a beacon in the night.


One day left!

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