Adventure is out there!

Oh the places you’ll go, the things you’ll see! – Dr Suess

So this post may not be entirely normal, as this weekend I did something that I’ve never done before. Actually, I did several things that I’ve never done before! The first was boarding a train to travel internationally.


Now, this may not mean much to most people, but when you grow up in Australia, when you catch a train, you can only ever get to other parts of Australia. Even traveling in a straight line for days, you still only reach more of Australia!


We were on a train for just over 3 hours (a trip to Canberra), and ended up here…


Yes, that’s right. We went to PARIS! *has a moment* Left on Friday night after work, and were back Sunday afternoon.

We have a gift though. We crossed countries (I’ve now been through Belgium! Another first!), and changed major international city, and still wound up in the Red Light District.


This is the day we woke up to. Weather was threatening rain, and given a friend of mine had just left Paris a few days earlier and it had been so hot she was unable to sleep, I was grateful for the respite in the heat.


This is the most comfortable bed I have slept in since arriving in Europe, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I can’t wait for our stuff to arrive. And the hotel had REAL black out curtains. *cries tears of joy*


Over breakfast we planned out our day. Wouldn’t be France without croissants and espresso. We’ll just gloss over the fact that this is what Himself has for breakfast every day…


Yet again, the architecture defines the city. The beautiful ironwork balustrades, covered with plant boxes, shutters, and the windows in the rooves. This is Paris.


Then it as off to the Metro to begin our days excitement!


I can’t get over how well looked after, clean, efficient, and old the metro is!


This’ll be a big week for posting folks, I hope you don’t mind too much following along on our adventure! 😀

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