It’s been a quiet week.


Knitting was achieved for a swap I have coming up.


And neighbour obviously passed an exam.


This is what you do when you pass your exams in the Nederlands. You hang your backpack/satchel out the front with your flag to tell the world that you’ve passed.

Look, another one …



4 thoughts on “*coughhacksnotwheeze*

  1. Very cool! I like the idea. Does one always have the flag and just adds the satchel as needed? or is the flag kept for this occasion as well?

    Where’s the first image from? I particularly like that one 🙂

    1. It’s odd that a house doesn’t have a flag pole or mount, but the flag isn’t always flying. It flies for special occasions (Queens Day, Remembrance Day) and get’s additional decorations for things like passing exams and new babies.

      The first image is an installation on the Spui. There’s at least one other installment with Dutch to a different language which I can’t call to mind right now. 🙂

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