Language Course 2 – Week 2

I can happily report for this week that no information has oozed out of my brain yet for two distinct reasons; First, because we’re still focusing on revision from course one. Second, because it was a short week and therefore we only had one lesson.

I’m really enjoying the longer lesson time with this second course! I feel like I’m getting so much more out of every lesson! I guess too though, it’s because we’re able to go at a faster speed through topics we’ve already covered and therefore just have to dredge the grey matter to retrieve the basics before adding new information to it.

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Care Package

Sometimes all you need is a Sister-In-Law who understands.


The red frogs were the first to go. They didn’t even make it to the photos shoot!


Now if only I could figure out how to mail raw herring as easily as vegemite …


Thank you C. It came at just the right time! *hugs you tight*