Language Course 2 – Week 2

I can happily report for this week that no information has oozed out of my brain yet for two distinct reasons; First, because we’re still focusing on revision from course one. Second, because it was a short week and therefore we only had one lesson.

I’m really enjoying the longer lesson time with this second course! I feel like I’m getting so much more out of every lesson! I guess too though, it’s because we’re able to go at a faster speed through topics we’ve already covered and therefore just have to dredge the grey matter to retrieve the basics before adding new information to it.

This lesson chapter was centered around celebrations. What you expect to find, do, and say. It’s wonderful finding out new words, and being able to share with the class words that you have learnt since (or before) arriving. I got to make use of my favourite response to “How old are you?” (“Met de leeftijd komt de schoonheid!”) Though I am gratefully no longer the oldest in the class! Another acceptable response is “Dat zeg liever niet” (“I prefer not to say”)

Within this theme you also get to revise all manner of family relationships, which segues neatly into plurals … and look we’re back at grammatical rules and spelling! It’s quite neat how that sneaks up on you! All stealthy!

Just when you think you understand the concept behind the rules, and you’ve got your head around it, you’re expected to do exercises which prove that truly you are once again, in over your head and paddling furiously!

We moved on (back) to pronunciation. This is much easier the second time around. But I know I have a lot of work to do listening to past lessons, and then speaking my new vocabulary to friends and family. Thankfully I have friends and family who I can no only practice on, but are happy to help me and correct me!

Speaking of wonderful helpful family, this arrived during dinner last night!

 photo IMG_3590_zps50a0fad1.jpg

Dank je wel mijn prachtig schoonzus! It’s all our favourite things! And yes, one bag of red frogs is gone. I think I’ll have to hide and ration the tweede tas!

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