The continuing story …

In today’s exciting episode, we find our Heros under a mound of boxes and ex-packing material. In order to make this post a little more interesting, we will bring you instead some photos from around Amsterdam.

The first in our selection is a vivid depiction of just how they retrieve the masses of bicycles stolen every day, from the bottom of the canals. It’s a spectator sport.


In an era when property tax was based on how much street frontage you had, everyone wanted the narrowest property possible! I think I’ve found a contender for narrowest house! Yes, that door in the middle has it’s own street number, it isn’t a part of the properties on either side.


Amsterdam has some of the most wonderful street art I’ve seen, and I am hoping to fill an entire post for you. In the mean time, here’s one I spotted as I was giving a friend the grand tour of our fair city last week.


As I stated above, we have been unpacking and settling in. For us this includes the purchase of a new cat post for the fur-kids to enjoy. They have really been missing this in the past few months. We got a new one in the post last week and then spent a fun hour putting it up.


It was obvious that they’d missed having something to climb, as they were all over it and “helping” us build it, as the post was being put together!


We have had a few backyards since moving over here, but now I’d like to show you where we’ve settled. A good mix of town and country!


Being us, we are still in the process of identifying which of the local cafes has the best coffee and service. The one we were in today is a top contender! Their Croque Monsieur was delicious!


Hopefully by next post I’ll be set up enough to have gone on an adventure which I can tell you all about! See you all soon!

5 thoughts on “The continuing story …

  1. yay for your new home, we are just so excited for you, i sent two new postcards last week, email me your address for a welcome to your nubie!!

  2. I’d love to get a tour of that narrow house — wonder whether it widens beyond that door or if the whole place is like that? Sounds like living in such a place could induce a phobia or two. 😀

    Any explanation for what they do with the bikes afterwards?

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