It’s been a long couple of weeks. It began with meeting the movers who would reunite us with all our stuff. Now, the building we are in has a hook, but it isn’t able to be used. (Long story). So we had an elevator. A platform which is put together on the street which they pile all your stuff in to bring it in through the window because the stairs are too narrow.


Like so.


This worked really well for everything except the King Size Mattress. It didn’t fit in the window OR up the stairs. We’ve been on an air mattress, and have had to order two single mattresses to counter this … adventure.

Then we brought the rest of our stuff from the interim apartment in a car we’d rented, and were finally home.


As we settled in, we began filling in some of the more obvious gaps in our possessions. We were finally able to buy ourselves an espresso machine like we’ve been planning on for the last 5 years!!!


We had a brief but wonderful trip to Zwolle to catch up with family and have a “Mum-cooked-meal” down on the farm.


There has also been brief sanity trips to knit night to get away from the boxes and packing material.


That in a nut shell wraps it up.

Nothing huge has been going on since the move, just lots of furniture tetris trying to figure out which layout suits everything the best. There is a sore back from the air mattress. There are kittens who are exploring the new uncharted territory of a balcony. And there will be a more exciting post next week wen I have a little more time to wander around with my new camera!

5 thoughts on “Progress

    1. The only time I really freaked out was with my great grandmother’s antique china cabinet. Himself got some all-in-caps SMSs for about 15 minutes straight before they gave up (it wouldn’t fit in the window) and went for the stairs. *shudders*

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