For the past few months we have been living in the centre of it all.


Very near here in fact.


And on the other side …


For the hell of it, this is a photo of garbage night in Amsterdam. This takes place twice a week, and the piles of rubbish along the tiny narrow streets average 5’ high, 3’ deep, and 20’ long. It’s an experience! Especially when you’re surrounded by pubs, cafes, and restaurants!


In one hectic weekend, we went out of town to a wedding. This involved driving for the first time in Continental Europe. It was an experience! Sorry for the blur, but my eyes were having trouble focusing on the drive back at 1am!


We caught up with some more tourists who I took for a brief tour around Amsterdam. (though this wasn’t technically on the weekend, but a few days later. They were at the same wedding on the weekend… does that count?)


We also moved all our stuff to a new, and yet still temporary, abode. This is now what’s down the road from us. Still a canal, but just a touch greener!


I can’t wait to discover what’s at the end of this path!


I’ve also been getting lots of fabulous old fashioned post! So now I just have to write back to you all! Thank you so much! I’ve missed having pen pals! 😀

9 thoughts on “Movements

  1. Can’t wait to see what you find at the end of that path! Hopefully the weather will cooperate so you can go exploring sometime soon.

  2. Hi,good to come across a blogger from the same town!(amsterdam)..i liked your blog, hope to read more in the coming days.

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