Summertime is for Gardens

Now, we don’t have much garden space, apartment living does have the odd downside. While the weather has been as stunning as it has, we took our opportunity to go and spend some time in someone else garden. The Hortus Botanicus.

 photo IMG_2347_zps6ii8td3o.jpg

 photo IMG_0054_zpsfqxobdhx.jpg

Himself and I both have a deep love of green spaces. Probably something to do with growing up in the ‘burbs, with lots of space to play in as children.

 photo IMG_2393_zps8isrecum.jpg
 photo IMG_0144_zps6wt1nvii.jpg

Random side thought, this was something I specifically noticed was missing for the children who played in the piazzas/squares in Venice. There were open areas to play in, but not grass to play on.

 photo IMG_2404_zpsjhkjyyob.jpg
 photo IMG_0194_zps5fc3g7ap.jpg

It was wonderful to be in the gardens and surrounded by so much life. People, plants, and insects everywhere!

 photo IMG_2364_zpsnq8xn8fw.jpg
 photo IMG_2365_zpsxegfb3kj.jpg

We had so much fun running around with our cameras. We hadn’t had a real camera day in so very long! Both of us had macro lenses so there were LOTS of close ups of flowers by the time we got home.

 photo IMG_2377_zpsbrwlnlrw.jpg
 photo IMG_0246_zpsd4gokvpf.jpg

Lazy Sundays in Summer are made for the Gardens. They have a serene café in one corner near the green houses, where you can sit under an umbrella, eat cheese, drink wine, and listen to some live jazz music.

 photo IMG_0153_zpsfxfobvun.jpg

We keep meaning to get season passes to the gardens. It would pay for itself with just one visit a season during the year. We just need to get to a point where we’re getting to the Gardens that often!

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