Euro Pride 2016

Amsterdam hosted Euro Pride this year. Himself and I went to wave our Freaky Flag and add our support. There are few things that help illustrate to me just how privileged I am than the fact that I live in a free city where not only can this parade exist, but that I can go and celebrate with my friends, and their friends and not have to worry about discrimination or attack from anything more upsetting than pick pockets.

 photo IMG_0041_zps7lrykqwm.jpg

It’s a humbling experience, and yet I come away from it today still so full of love, good feelings and emotion that I wonder how bad news and wars can exist in the same world where events like this happen.

 photo IMG_0568_zpsmlpclzk9.jpg

Of course then I realise that it’s not the same world at all. Hence the privilege I was speaking of.

 photo IMG_0587_zpszlmu2ugm.jpg

I may have shed a tear or two when the Orlando float went past. All those innocent lives lost …

 photo IMG_0434_zps0rxw0qgs.jpg

Being on canals, I missed my traditional Sydney opening float of Dykes on Bikes, but Amsterdam makes up for it with flying superheros!

 photo IMG_2462_zpsk0qtwglq.jpg

Followed this year by the ever elegant and statuesque Conchita Wurst! She is so beautiful! Like a dream!

 photo IMG_0361_zpscsaj6j0u.jpg

There were so many good messages this year! From the Trans boat “It’s never too late to be you”.

 photo IMG_2573_zpsskkouxun.jpg

To the Legally Gay boat with the message that “In 77 countries, being gay is a crime”.

 photo IMG_0168_zpsnmil0s1g.jpg

One of my favourites was the World Religion boat “Coexist in Freedom”.

 photo IMG_0420_zpsczkvvjn8.jpg
 photo IMG_2484_zps1frktdgx.jpg

A plethora (? What is the collective noun for a group of Queens anyway? A sarcasm?) of Flamboyant Queens makes it hard to narrow down pictures for just one post! This lovely lady was on the Nuon Energie float.

 photo IMG_0621_zpsovclrnjx.jpg

And it wouldn’t be a Pride post from me if it didn’t include some leather pride.

 photo IMG_0114_zps7cxefwgz.jpg

So the celebration that is Pride is over for another year, in the Netherlands at least. But my take away, as always, is that are still people to be reached, people to be helped, and love enough for all.

Happy Pride Everyone!!!

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