The learning curve of life

I have been busy. I have been learning some remedial lessons from the Ye Olde School of Life. And they have been hard lessons. For those of you that follow along on Twitter and Facebook, you will be aware that one of those lessons was “Don’t use your face as a brake on asphalt.” Hour 4 …

 photo IMG_4834_zpsopdtklse.jpg

Oh it’s been fun! The pain, the concussion the accusation that I’m a fashion victim for matching my face/skin colour to my hair! I maintain that I just had commitment to a theme, but there you go. Also, I would never dye my hair green, or yellow. Doesn’t suit me. Day 5 …

 photo IMG_4946_zpsbhenapam.jpg

Then two weeks later another lesson was “Don’t get tram tracked by tram tracks in Amsterdam.” (Or anywhere else they exist I guess).

 photo IMG_5022_zpsc5u98sds.jpg

For the uninitiated, getting “tram tracked” is when the wheel of your bicycle goes down into the tram tracks on the road, and so you can’t get out of them, or turn your wheel without falling. Also, I had the tram coming up behind me, because if you’re going to do it, do it properly!

So, there has been lots I haven’t done. And lots I have done I guess. But at a different, slower pace. In other news, I’ve often forgotten to take a camera with me. Or pull it out of my bag and use it. Concussion is a beautiful and harsh Mistress! I can’t honestly say that I recommend it.

Himself has been the tower of strength, cooking, and laundry! I really don’t deserve that man. *stupid happy grins* Don’t know what I’d do without him.

Soon I shall tell you all about the knitting that I haven’t been doing because my concentration has been … oh look! Shiny!

 photo IMG_2325_zps4bk33x4n.jpg

Until next time my beautiful readers, remember your Fishie loves you! Stay safe! Set me a good example!

2 thoughts on “The learning curve of life

    1. Bedankt!

      I just need more time on two wheels to get better at it! So, I’ll probably have a few more scrapes before I’m done! I’ll just recover properly from this one before acquiring anymore! 😉

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