Giftmas Decorations 2014

It is that time of year again Gentle Readers! Yes! The Giftmas Season is upon us!

 photo IMG_5762_zps04c19fb1.jpg

There is so much weirdness that goes on around this time of year. I often wonder about who it is that makes the decisions about what “themes” people will want to have on their trees, and in their living rooms.

 photo IMG_5769_zps07dc3659.jpg

Some are more traditional than others, and the Winter theme is always a staple. Everyone knows that deer need hats!

 photo IMG_5919_zps2957b4ce.jpg

Though for me, it never really made any sense in Australia. And houses dressed in fake snow in 40C heat always struck me as odd. So here, have a giraffe in a tutu.

 photo IMG_5771_zpsfbb49043.jpg

Santa is a great jolly old fellow invented by a soft drink company. Which only really strikes me as odd here, because they still also follow Saint Nicholas who arrives nearly three weeks earlier.

 photo IMG_5932_zpsec7bd13d.jpg

Armies of babies dressed up in furry animal-esque onesies. Where would you put them? Are they a mantlepiece ornament do you think?

 photo IMG_5950_zpsc1ba889b.jpg

This happy polar bear was around last year too. His head swings around as he tells Christmas tales to the wee elfin creature in his arms (and all the kids who then block the aisles).

 photo IMG_5974_zpse44bf4e2.jpg

Owls, along with all manner of woodland creatures and toadstools are back again this year. I may even admit to having a hedgehog and some toadstools myself. Though I’m not sure whose brilliant idea it was to cage the owls up like this!

 photo IMG_5977_zps4df9ece9.jpg

I’ll never quite get used to the beheaded animals theme which also continued this year. Here are some awesome feathered deer, but there were also, polar bears, moose, and bizarrely, some sari fabric, patchwork elephants.

 photo IMG_5979_zpsb75bb448.jpg

So here it is. The mad season, the silly season, the Giftmas Season. Wouldn’t be Giftmas without a massive tree in a high class shopping mall …

 photo IMG_5980_zps32facc3f.jpg

So let me ask you … hot, or not?

 photo IMG_2517_zps4a819431.jpg

What theme is your house going to take on this season?

One thought on “Giftmas Decorations 2014

  1. Those owls look downright disgruntled at being squished into the cage like that. The hats-on-deer thing made me giggle, as it looks remarkably like a Christmas-themed deer-stalker style hat 😉

    I’ve bought some of those jelly-esque decal designs that one can stick on the windows, so we’ll have the normal stars up soon and then these new little snowmen. I’ll put up the twinkly lights over a couple windows and then the fairy lights over another. Undecided on whether we’ll decorate the tree in the yard with the outdoor lights like we did last year. Maybe, just for giggles. But we didn’t want to get started until December, so we’ll see how quickly we can get our decorations up 😀 The city has hung and lit the winter-themed lights and the shopping area across the street has had their big-bulb lights up for almost a week now. It’s starting to look a bit more like Christmas 😀

    (did you buy the goldfish ornament in the first picture??)

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