Italy, Rome – Part 5

In this rare photograph captured by Himself, we see a humble George communing with her people.

 photo _MG_7522_zps44f2ca17.jpg

We had a good long chat, those Roman Goldfishies and I. They quite enjoy life in a reflecting pool. Gives them ample opportunity to ruminate on the great philosophical questions of life. Things like; “what pizza topping should I have for lunch?”

But there were ancient ruins to see, so eventually I moved on, just in a calmer and more serene state of mind. Pizza topping of choice was parma ham with mushrooms.

 photo IMG_5604_zps9375c094.jpg

Palatine Hill is centermost of the Seven Hills that Rome was founded on, and is one of the most ancient parts of the city.

 photo IMG_5623_zpsfc6327c1.jpg

We spent hours up there and I still think we only saw about a third of it!

But our time in Rome was running out, and we had other things to see. We made a quick stop over on our last evening in the Piazza Navona for a look at the amazing statues.

 photo IMG_5692_zpsee3aa81a.jpg

I’ve noticed that, at least in Roman statues, King Triton is always stabbing some poor hapless creature! Not a very friendly King of the Seas!

 photo IMG_5698_zps34b46f20.jpg

Then it was over to the Executioner in the Campo de Fiori. Campo de Fiori literally translates as “Field of Flowers”, and is THE happening night spot in Rome on a Saturday night. We we rock up the first night it was JAM-PACKED!

 photo IMG_5711_zps77daa053.jpg

Before heading back to a restaurant that we stumbled across on our very first night. They were so incredible we had to go back! And for a finaly taste of true Italy, we had the cannoli filled with mascarpone cheese then dipped in pistachios. Limoncello on the side. Technically we were too far North for this being a Sicilian treat, but I didn’t let that bother me!

 photo IMG_5718_zps71cf6bfe.jpg

Though, I also wasn’t going to let that be my last taste of Italy. As we rounded the corner on the way to the bus and spotted an open store, there may have been one more double scoop of gelato … (maraschino cherry and double chocolate for those that will ask).

 photo IMG_5719_zps01a7390c.jpg

The next day we had to be up at a reasonable enough hour to check out, so we headed out in search of some good Italian espresso to consume while updating our journals of all of our adventures.

 photo IMG_5720_zps726c3718.jpg

Ah Rome; I shall never forget you. In fact, I hope to be back soon!

 photo IMG_5721_zpsa77a4e9f.jpg

And here endeth the adventure.

… Well, this chapter anyway! 😉

One thought on “Italy, Rome – Part 5

  1. What a lovely closing post! Thank you for sharing your explorations and experiences (and even a photo of the blogger!) with us. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventures, whenever and wherever they will be.

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