Italy, Rome – Part 5

In this rare photograph captured by Himself, we see a humble George communing with her people.

 photo _MG_7522_zps44f2ca17.jpg

We had a good long chat, those Roman Goldfishies and I. They quite enjoy life in a reflecting pool. Gives them ample opportunity to ruminate on the great philosophical questions of life. Things like; “what pizza topping should I have for lunch?”

But there were ancient ruins to see, so eventually I moved on, just in a calmer and more serene state of mind. Pizza topping of choice was parma ham with mushrooms. Would you like to know more?

Italy, Rome – Part 4

In order to pay proper homage to Apollo, one must go to where can truly feel his presence! (I’m sure it doesn’t hurt if you’re slightly awed by the size of the doors either!)

 photo IMG_5424_zpsca46fc23.jpg

Yes, we went back to the Pantheon during daylight hours. Partly in order to bear witness to his eternal passage across the sky, by following the sun spot on the dome. Would you like to know more?