Weekend Walks

I love walking around Amsterdam. There’s always a street you haven’t been down, and even if you have, there’s always something new to see.

 photo 482878ee-3f91-4dbd-9081-64d66978c768_zps25307dce.jpg

This young lady is obviously taking her Frisian cow for a walk in its clogs. What else would you do with your cow? Perfectly normal!

 photo 2daf13ce-ce59-45da-8171-ec0abd979e6b_zps97878fb1.jpg

The houseboats have their own gardens. They are often bigger than mine!

 photo fbebf092-78e0-4485-b886-f99bf6352387_zpsb6efbfa3.jpg

How can you not love going for a walk when you’re surrounded by this?

 photo a50c291f-de5c-414c-af85-996a3b63e4f8_zpsc308e775.jpg

We had a purpose to our wandering this week, and hence were walking up the northern end of town up on Haarlemmerstraat.

 photo a44c936f-b191-4e20-8c43-b7747be5c12c_zps40087b44.jpg

We were heading for the Spanish food specialty shop Hollandaluz so Himself could make one of his world famous paellas for dinner that night!

 photo ca4f9f39-a76d-483a-bab5-166d1e0f5358_zpsfcd1cb2c.jpg

Of course being such a busy strip there are lots and lots of shops up there, both specialty and kitschy. We found this in a home wares store. No, we didn’t buy it.

 photo 965eabeb-4a75-4cf1-a556-166ae4655fc6_zps4d5d9323.jpg

But I do want a Nijntje (Miffy) night light!

Of course the scenery never stops being spectacular and photo-worthy.

 photo a0384412-ab88-470e-ba1a-44cec3a7f975_zps428abe2a.jpg

There’s always good sport in searching for all the different types of wall tablets too. Before adopting street numbers these tablets, along with the differing gable shapes, were how different homes were identified. They often told the profession of the inhabitants.

 photo 78535ccd-9f50-47c4-8c22-56f07638c476_zpsbe1b64a7.jpg

Of course, having been surrounded by all these specialty stores all afternoon, we weren’t immune to the calls of their contents. We may have succumbed to one store, and brought home a variety of samples for later consumption!

 photo ed9d4b3f-fd61-4791-b1e3-5274056ac1b3_zpsdeb5ebab.jpg

I can tell you now with authority that there is a reason the Dutch are known for their chocolate. These were rich, creamy, heaven!

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