Silly Season

Giftmas feels a little off kilter in the the Nederlands. The sign outside the shop in the Bloemenmarkt is counting down the days to the 25th of December. (36 sleeps as at this writing!)


And there seems to be chocolate EVERYWHERE!


But there is also this little guy.


The children here only have to count to the 5th of December. And though I had in fact meant to be at the arrival parade, it completely slipped my mind until we walked into Dam Square to be surrounded by this …


I can tell you now, that when you’re not used to it, seeing so many people, of all ages, in black face … it’s a little uncomfortable, and also a bit confronting.

This guy just looks lecherous!


Something to remember when the story goes that he drags off bad little boys and girls in his burlap sack back to Spain!

But we did some more of our Giftmas shopping, and should be putting it in the post soon to make sure it reaches the other side of the world by Dec 25th. We just have to remember that everyone here does gifts on the 5th, and the 25th is for religion.

Not a bad way to keep them separate really.

In other news, something else will be being posted on Monday …


Have you all been behaving yourselves in the lead up to the end of year countdown?

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