Melbourne Cup

So, it turns out that when you live on the other side of the world, the Melbourne Cup not only doesn’t stop anything, but, you sleep through it. Which makes it incredibly easy to avoid media, not know who won, and be able to attend a Melbourne Cup party on Saturday night, thereby skipping the hungover day at work on Wednesday! It’s all quite neat really!

I’ll begin by saying that, as with any good Melbourne Cup party, it began a few days earlier with a shopping trip which was required buy a few final pieces to complete the outfit. I began my shopping with espresso and a brownie. Always a good way to begin any shopping expedition!


I had a skirt, was thinking of a top I thought would go with it, and just happened to come across some massive flowers for my hair which I was assured by our gracious hostess would be fine as a fascinator.


The party was wonderful! Everyone dressed up and the whole atmosphere was very gezellig! It was actually quite fun explaining to the non-Aussies what all the fuss was about. And after a few drinks, you know, honestly … I’m not sure either.


There was an assortment of Australian food too, though my photos of that didn’t turn out so well, so here’s another fuzzy crowd shot of everyone looking schmick!


When everyone was assembled, and drinks were being consumed, we all clustered around to watch the race!


We didn’t win the sweepstakes, but it was immense fun just dressing up and being out with everyone. I definitely think there should be more parties in our life! Perhaps I should work on that one …

So how did you all do in your office sweepstakes?

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