A Shopping Weekend

In the age old, grand tradition of Giftmas, we spent the weekend shopping. After searching fruitlessly for gifts we stopped off in the Bazaar for a bite to eat.


Before heading to Duikelmans for some baking supplies. It’s a pain when what I have brought with me doesn’t fit in my makeshift oven! *pouts*


But I have no trouble finding everything I need,


and a few things I can convince myself I need, in here!


The lights are hung in all the streets, and Amsterdam is becoming fairy town. This bodes well for the opening of the Festival on Lights on Thursday night which I hope to go to!


Conveniently for the lights, darkness is complete by 5pm here, and we’re not yet at solstice!


The pastry shops and confectioners are wringing out everything they can get from the last few weeks of Sinterklaas.


And the local equivalent of Bunnings is about to take a chunk out of my wallet!


How are your end of year preparations coming along?

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