The Rijksmuseum

This was what I wanted to do for my birthday. On the three month anniversary of us arriving in Amsterdam we finally went to the Rijksmuseum.


I have stood amongst, and seen paintings by Vermeer.


Knowing from one of the art blogs I read that the “Woman in Blue Reading a Letter” has recently been restored made it even more meaningful.


The power in the pieces moves me, and I like watching how other patrons react to them.


Rembrandt’s The Night Watch dominates the room it imposes over with such completeness that people are awed into silence.


Being able to stand in the presence of such amazing works really changes you, and grows your appreciation for both the effort and skill that goes into it’s creation, and the detail with which the era has been captured by the artist(s).


Of course there are other masterpieces like this Winter Landscape with Skaters which also show details and insight into daily life,


and which also show the Dutch sense of humour to perfection! (Do click on that link above, there is a LOT to see in this painting!)


I can’t wait to go back after the massive renovations are completed! You will be seeing more of the Rijksmuseum! *grins*

5 thoughts on “The Rijksmuseum

  1. I went for my 40th birthday and they had part of the museum closed for renovations then. I’ll be 45 in August! I loved the swan painting you’ve pictured. Thankfully I’d lost Steve and sat in front of it waiting for him to catch me up. He was all meh, move on!

  2. I also liked the Woman in Blue Reading a Letter, and Night Watch. But the garden outside in the front was also very pretty!

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