Local Woods

As has been evidenced in a previous post, where we live now is rather green, and after staring at google maps the other day, I decided that there was a section I really wanted to explore with my camera. Thankfully, Himself is amenable to my whims, and off we set to explore the local woods! Having already spotted my first wild hedgehog just up the street from where we’re living, I thought I’d up my chances of finding another in the actual woods!


Alas, it was not to be on this occasion. But there was still lots to see!

I love all the flora which is so different from what I’m used to.


Though we were in the woods, it doesn’t stop there being streams and canals all over! This picturesque little bridge was the subject of quite a few photos!


The bumble bees were out in force and hovering over the thistles and other pink flowers mostly. I still find the sight of actual bumble bees a thrill!


Not only is there canals everywhere, but it had been raining. So everything was a little damp. But the water level never changes. This would be the difference between canals and creeks.


Something that I had been told all my life but had never seen was that if lost in the woods, moss will always grow on the North side of trees. Well, have some ivy doing just that!


I have mentioned before on twitter that I love all the natural long grasses that line all the canals and major roads. This is the perfect example of the vibrant splashes of red poppy that punctuate these grasses.


Another bumble bee all laden down with pollen. (They’re so cute and fluffy!!!)


And this Ladies and Gentlemen of the audience, is in my opinion, the cutest house in the village!


Oh look! Another bike shop. I think I’ve spotted a theme …

2 thoughts on “Local Woods

    1. If I can get better light than I did Saturday, you could well be right! 😉

      I’ll see what I can do this week, though there’s so much to explore! And it’s meant to be raining all week. Yay for European Summers!

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