Tourist Season

Now that we have begun to get our bearings and this beautiful adopted city is feeling more and more like home, we’ve had some guests come to visit! Showing them around has been a real experience!


We took them on a canal cruise. The same canal cruise that we went on on our first weekend. It was an entirely different experience now that we actually knew where we were going, knew the buldings we were looking at from walking past them every day, and have a better idea of the city.


This is a copy of a bridge in Fance, and is decorated in slave ships.

This is a place in the canal where you can look through seven bridges all at once. Though you have to be on the water to truly see the spectacle.


This is a replica of a floating restaurant in China. Though theirs seats 2500, and ours only seats 700. You can see the city Bibliotheek in the background 🙂


Being tourists, we then headed off to the Bloemenmarkt. I love that place so much, and showing it off is fun too!


The number of bulbs is awe inspiring. All those sleeping little bulbs, just waiting to wake up and burst forth all that colour!


As we wandered around, we realised something was on at the palace, though we didn’t figure out what. Though the spectacle of the roads being closed down to let the motorcade through was an experience!


Finally on Sunday we headed up through the Red Light District. Now you’re not allowed to take photos of the girls in the windows, and I’ve seen people try, and the girls will just draw the curtains on you. I appreciate the fact that the girls are accorded respect, and there is a statue next to the Oude Kerk (that a lot of windows circle) that reminds tourists to respect the girls too.


As our guests come back next weekend, I now have to think of a whole new set of adventures for them! Any suggestions?

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