Local Groups

In the interests of getting to know people Himself and I headed to the local knit night. Himself isn’t a knitter, but it was handy having him there to walk with when I walked down the wrong canal at first and got lost. This wasn’t all bad though, as I put it to you that what we found was a new breed of pukeko! A blue chicken that isn’t blue!


Every time I walk outside I am struck again by how beautiful this city and it’s canals are.


And how old it is too.


Going to knit night though afforded us a new view of them, all lit up at night.


They just get more beautiful.


For now though, let’s leave the canals, and I’ll show you the projects I’ve finished since I got here!

First was this pair of socks for Himself which I began a year ago. (Yes, a year ago. No, I’m not sure where my mojo went) I loved this yarn from Dragonfly Fibres. The colourway was like working old spun metal as it cascaded from gray through green and into subtle burnished colours.


And my travel knitting project, the one I thought I’d never finish, and was afraid I’d hate a foot into it, as posted here … Behold the wonderous rainbow scarf!!!


I love it so much! Now I just need a hat to go with it!!! *grins*

Knit night was a wonderful group of people. All very friendly and welcoming! I’ll be going again next week. For the future though I’ll need to take something a little less brain intensive, as holding a conversation with people you don’t know, and following a lace chart, just doesn’t happen!

4 thoughts on “Local Groups

  1. The FOs look awesome. Congrats!

    Are the socks mostly grey or is it my computer monitor? The yarn shows the pattern really well.

    I would like to also request a scarf action shot! Must see how this looks on 🙂

    1. The socks are mostly grey. *nods*
      Action shots are on Rav 😉 Either the project page, or head back through my comments. I thought I commented one specifically at you …

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