We took the weekend off for the first time in what feels like months (and between packing and moving, probably has been) in order to head on up to the local market and check it out.

Locally we have both a farmers market full of fresh produce and an “antiques” market. Though I think they term antiques more liberally than I do …

Flowers are prevalent all over Amsterdam.


They are also inexpensive and vibrant!


More evidence of bicycles everywhere, and evidence of the customisation! I can’t wait to have my own bike and drape it in flowers and astro turf in the basket! (it’s looks better than it sounds. If you’re into that kind of thing of course)


Being me, I found the yarn. Damn it was hard to walk away from alpaca at that price. But I have about a kilometre to go on the Evenstar Shawl. I must remain focused! Then the nice man told be he had a bricks and mortar store during the week! All was not lost!


All this goes on in the shadow of the local castle. (No it’s not a castle, but just look at it!!!)


I really wished I’d asked for the price of this set. Then I might not be pining over this photo. *pulls a sad face*


Something that sets markets here apart from those in Australia is weapons on sale. Not only did we see these swords, but there were sai, and a slingshot!


I loved these strap on ice skates! Made me wonder if they were still useable, or a big seller a few months ago when the big freeze was on and everyone was on the canals!


There was a large hippie contingent of clothing stalls at which you could buy anything you’d find at Tree of Life or the Glebe Markets. Not inspiring to me, but handy to know.


But there was so much stuff to fossick through! And it was a very enjoyable time just wandering and exploring.


I also found a Baedeker! If it hadn’t been in French I would have bought it …

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