Hitting the Streets

With so much to see and do, and not much time before Himself needs to begin at the office, we decided to hit the ground running. Armed with a batch of brochures helpfully provided by the hotel we were staying in, we headed to breakfast.


With the assistance and input of a local, we reached the conclusion that we need to see everything, just not necessarily all at once.


So we headed off to wander the streets of Amsterdam and soak up our new environment.

The architecture is magnificent.


We keep being blown away just by staring at the buildings.


It’s so different from Australia and New Zealand.


Did you know the front of the buildings leans inwards in order to move in furniture? The stairs inside are too narrow and steep. These are still in use today, we’ve watched them be used.


Before street numbers, it was the different shapes of gables that identified your house.


And it doesn’t really show up in the picture, but can you see how the side wall heading back from the front of this house is slanted and not at right angles? I can’t imagine trying to furnish a house of this shape! *grins*


Houses built into the canal. I’m in love!!!


I laughed out loud when I saw this house, and yet there are many like it. I honestly am not sure how some of these buildings are still standing they are so far from square! But they have been for centuries now, and it’s beautiful!


I can’t wait to discover which one we’re going to live in!!!

5 thoughts on “Hitting the Streets

  1. I think I just looked for your (love) button! It all looks so fun and exciting!! I love looking at all of your pictures.

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