The Last Few Days

Let’s step back in time to last Tuesday. The movers arrived, packed everything, and took it all away.

Wednesday in the rain, we began early and shoved everything left over into a skip to head to the dump. Then we had final inspection of the property (passed with flying colours!). Then we completed final errands in town, and met up with our ride to the airport.


Quality time was spent, and goodbyes said.


Then began the first leg of the flight. 14 hours to Dubai.



After a lay over of … I forget how many hours, enough to get through security and find a wifi hotspot, we got on the next leg of the journey. 7 hours to Amsterdam. This flight was going to have some turbulence so they headed us over Iran, Turkey, and Poland.

Then there we were.


It’s kind of reassuring to know that tourist souvenirs are the same the world over.


In a taxi we headed to our hotel where we would reside for an indeterminate amount of time.


Stashing our bags and determined not to be done in by jet lag we went out for a walk and found our first canal!


We discovered quite quickly the need to be constantly aware of your surroundings, as the highly prevalent bikes move at speed and can be unforgiving!


Then I found the floating Bloemenmarkt. After having read so much about it, I was in heaven!


There is so much to see and do, and suddenly all I want to do is have a garden! I guess I’ll need a house, and at least some window boxes first …

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode!

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