My Inner Knitter

Taking inspiration from The Yarn Harlot, I thought I’d show you what my inner knitter has been up to.

She’s a silly bint, who has packed away my other unfinished objects and begun a new scarf instead.

This is ridiculous on a number of levels. The first being that; I hate making scarves. I have previously informed Himself that if I’m about to begin a scarf to tell me not to, and drag the needles out of my hands. Obviously he was unsuccessful in this instance.

I always get about a foot in and think “Oh my goodness! How much longer does this thing need to be?!?” And I can tell you now, I like LONG scarves. Think eight foot long, long scarves. (multiple wrap arounds)

The second reason is that I have 2 unfinished objects that have been hanging on for a year with just a couple hundred odd stitches left to go.

I mean you saw the socks! All they need is one toe decreased, and then to be closed up with kitchener stitch and they’d be done. But no.

For the shiny new colourful yarn with smooth gradient transitions calls to me. It speaks to me, and tells me that it’s much more engaging to watch the colours change as the yarn slides through my fingers.

And entrelac, the stitch pattern, is so much easier than having to follow lace charts! Though still results in an interesting and fun fabric! (Ignoring that fact that I have the sock chart memorised and in decreasing the toe, am no longer even on the chart)

Oh woe.

What ever shall I do with my Inner Knitter?

Isn’t my new scarf going to be gorgeous???!!! *grins*


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