The Long Weekend

The Easter long weekend will always be a special one for me. It is a time to spend with friends both old and new, renewing old friendships and forging new bonds up in Lawson. We spent a fair amount of time catching up with our ANZAC who is heading back to the sandpit just in time for ANZAC Day this year … but more on that later!


This year there were special guests that arrived all unobtrusively and invaded. Like good ninjas should! This one is the coffee ninja.


As with all great Aussie back yard BBQs, it ended in a backyard bonfire. I’m glad it was cool enough and there weren’t fire restrictions!


On Saturday night we were again with a friend, catching up over heinous amounts of meat on swords.


The carnage was rather epic.


I’d like to point out that the first person to turn over the little stick from green (I’m up for more meat) to red (stop with the meat) was Himself. I think it just goes to show how unwell he was with his cold the poor blighter!


The only other thing that could truly make my weekend complete was knitting. And boy did I achieve that! I’m finally nearly finished the socks that I began WAY back in April last year! (I can’t believe it’s taken me a year to finish these socks. I wonder where my mojo went?)


I only have to kitchener this one closed, and decrease the toe and kitchener the other and they’ll be done! Just a little something to keep Himself warm and snugly!

I guess I’d best drink my coffee and get on with the week! What did you get up to over the weekend?

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