The Unexpected Adventure

I make many suggestions. Probably more than your average human. So when Himself surprises me and takes me up on one we end up with an unexpected Adventure to the Aquarium!

There is always something new and fresh to see, or animals that weren’t moving are.

There were big things,


and small things.


Aren’t sea dragons one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?


Spot the stonefish!

And his three deadly mates.


Don’cha just love wobbegongs?


And I’m not sure if I missed it before or if it’s new, but having recently been there, I loved the Barrier Reef exhibit! It was very special to be able to say I’ve seen them in the wild


And today, a first for this blog. Just for you we have … moving picutres!!! First a cow …

And second, another deadly one, the scorpion fish!

Who was trying to evade my camera! Oh well.

Until next time, keep Adventuring!

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