Fudge and Frittatas

I got it into my head to cook something new and exciting the other night. I made fudge first because … I felt like it. I used this espresso fudge recipe because it looked fairly fool proof.

It was. So much so that I managed to forget to take any photos of me making it.

Finished, it looks like this


and it tastes delicious!

I had also been staring at this spinach bacon and brie mini frittata recipe for a few days and thought it would be a delicious addition to my work day lunch box. Full of protein to get me through the afternoon.

So I gathered together my ingredients


Chopped everything up


And began putting it together


I was impressed with just how quickly and simply it all went together! Though those of you with much experience cooking will spot my fatal flaw in this picture.


Once cooked, they looked and tasted delicious! I have plans to make them in future substituting the bacon for smoked salmon, which I think will also work remarkably well.


So did you spot my flaw?

That’s right. Baking powder. Baking powder was my undoing. You see (for those that don’t know), I filled each compartment to the top and had 3 empty. But baking powder makes things rise.


Yes. I spent the next day cleaning the oven.

Rookie mistake *shakes head*

6 thoughts on “Fudge and Frittatas

  1. We’ve all done it. 🙂

    I’ve even had spillovers happen when I *don’t* fill a pan full, so I’ve now learned to put a baking sheet under any pan I put in the oven, just in case.

  2. All I can say is Wow! This blog is amazing! Do you take all the pictures for this blog? It’s great to come across others who appreciates things like this. Because I am a flower designer I actually find this sort of thing quite interesting. Would you mind if I link back here from my personal blog page? Thanks for posting. Jasmine Allison

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