Art After Hours

Art After Hours is one of my favourite things to do on a Wednesday night.


We went last week for the first time in months so that we could see the Mad Square Exhibition which is on until November 6th.


The Gallery always puts on a spectacular exhibition, and this was no exception. Taking you through the artistic movement from it’s inception through to the conclusion I found a new appreciation for this era of German art. It was the first time I’ve truly understood an appreciated Kandinsky!

There were no photos allowed in that particular exhibition. But there were no limits in the rest of the gallery (so long as you didn’t use flash).


I thought I might take a moment to share with you a new find



And some of my old favourites!



Art After Hours is on every Wednesday night from 5pm (normal closing time) to 9pm, and well worth the look in. Take some time to browse the weekly program to find out what’s on.

(I’ve just realised Flacco is on tonight!!! *has a fan-girl moment*)

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