Sydney Wildlife World II

Now I know I promised this post would be cuter and fluffier, but I had to put this little guy in here too. His mother thinks he’s cute!


Then it was on to the butterfly room! It took so long for the camera to de-fog in here that I though Himself would get bored and move on without me! I shouldn’t have worried! With wings closed –


and wings open to show off!



Kookaburras have always had one of my favourite calls in the bush, and this little guy was posed so picturesquely! I also remember hand feeding these guys off the back porch at the parents house when growing up … ah, fun times! 🙂


But now, we move on to the furry part of our brief overview. I’ll begin with the wombat, because they have always been one of my favourites dating right back to the one that tried to burrow under our tent while we were camping when I was a small child.


Then there’s the kangaroos who were nomming on their dinner when we got to them and they did look awfully tasty! (we eat skippy far too often in this house!)


I shall end our wee tour, and this post by being all patriotic. Or touristy. Take your pick.

Say it with me now … DAW!!!!


Postcard perfect!

4 thoughts on “Sydney Wildlife World II

    1. We managed to find the wombat at peak movement time and he was on a mission! I got some really cute (but blurry) digging shots where he’s just nose down, bum up, doin’ what he does! 😀

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