Percy Shawl

I have begun this shawl once before, though never finished it. I just never got my needles in the right groove. So it sat there for an incredibly long time, languishing at the bottom of the yarn pile.

But I pulled it out, ripped it back to the beginning and began again last week. A couple of nights effort and I had already done eight repeats of the first of three charts.


It’s in 100% Mulberry Silk from Fibreworks. I think the colourway was Sarsparilla …

There has also been work on the Amaryllis Mittens.


All that I have left to do is attach the thumbs! So close!


4 thoughts on “Percy Shawl

  1. Gorgeous mittens! I have yet to make mittens, but I ooh and ahh over all the beautiful patterns out there! 🙂 I guess I am too smitten with lace. That and I live in California where no one wears mittens! 🙂

    1. Trust me, they aren’t much needed in Australia either! *grins* But I wanted to learn colourwork, mittens are a good size to learn on, and I’m sure someone I know in the Northern hemisphere will give them a good home 🙂

      I never get tired of knitting lace though!

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