Sydney Wildlife World

We ended up on a bit of an expedition after leaving the Blackbird Café, headed across Cockle Bay to Sydney Wildlife World. Neither Himself or I had been before, and there was so much to see an marvel at that I’m sure we’ll be heading back before long (next time with tripods!).

Please click the links in this post at your own risk, they will mostly be to wikipedia pages, but as usual; all care, no responsibility.

For those of you not from ‘round these parts, Australia is known to be a bit deadly at times. I can’t think why … I’m sure you’re all happy to know that I couldn’t get a good shot of the deadliest spider in the world the Sydney Funnel Web, but here’s a nice one of a Red Bellied Black Snake. I’ve met one of these in the wild.


This happy critter is a Tiger Snake. For those of you in the know, it was one of these we had in our ceiling a year and a half ago, though her markings weren’t nearly as pretty as this fellow’s!


By comparison, the Frill-necked Lizard


and Goanna, were remarkably tame.


As I heard a voice off in the distance I realised it wasn’t one of the recorded messages, but a live talk! I dashed off and came face to … well … tail I guess, with this


I’d like you all to meet Rex!


He’s a 5 meter (16 feet) saltwater croc who weighs over 500kg (1100lbs).They decided the needed to re-home him when his territory was expanding a little to close to humans.


I must admit, after taking this shot, for the rest of the day I was singing “Never smile at a crocodile!”

So on that happy note! I shall leave you with a picture of this cute little critter who I wasn’t thoughtful enough to remember to what he is other than “lizard”.


Next post will be much cuter and fluffier, I promise! See you then!

2 thoughts on “Sydney Wildlife World

  1. The goanna looks like he’s had a rough day and needs a good vacation. Either that or he’s just finished having a really great massage and he’s just flopped there to enjoy the sun.

    The little wee lizard at the end, though, steals the show. He’s rather cute 🙂

    1. He looked to me like he had a massive grin on his face! Cat the got the cream kinda look! 🙂

      There were supposedly 7 of those little guys in his … area … (is cage the right word when it’s glass?) And I only found 5. I looked for not an insignificant amount of time too! The amount of frustration being why I didn’t get his name 😉

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